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Have you been frustrated after investing your hard earned money in a promising scheme, only to lose your money on the long run? Have you been ashamed of yourself after referring your loved ones to a platform you found online only for them to lose their money, discovered it was a scam and get disappointed?
Are you tired of waiting for several weeks to receive your earnings after being promised 24 hours? Are you fed up of suffering heartaches over the crashing of platforms you belonged to and looking for a reliable platform? PEER CASH was conceived by truly honest, dedicated and like-minded people who had these experiences and are poised to create a better solution out of these experiences. Peer Cash is a solution gotten from intensive research on how to create a sustainable and reliable peer-to-peer donation scheme. Our algorithm is fine-tuned to eliminate the unfairness encountered in several other systems to give you confidence in your investment. We also utilize available means to generate funds and sustain the system even better. *CLICK HERE TO REGISTER* ‎


Why Join Peer Cash?
PEER CASH is the #1 Mutual Financial Aid Community. It is not a bank, we do not collect your money. Peercash.net is an online platform where peer members donate funds to one another continually, thereby helping themselves gain financial freedom. Participants receive double of the amount they donate within 24hours and 14days. We provide a technical platform and support, which helps millions of participants worldwide to find those who NEED help, and those who are ready to PROVIDE help for FREE‎

24/7 Support
We have 24/7 efficient customer support and care services to manage all your complaints, requests, suggestions, contributions and so on, on demand.‎

You Register with a valid email address and join a financial package: 5k, 10k, 20k and 50k  respectively. You will be required to provide help immediately to a fellow peer cash member, after which you will be automatically queued up to receive help. This cycle goes on and on. Migration from one package to another is permitted & recycling is allowed as many times as possible‎

NOTE: This Platform has been


designed to stay, with the innovative features implemented to ensure that Participants remain active. All inactive accounts are BLOCKED if after 3 days of Receiving Help a participant didn’t place a new pledge to Provide Help. PeerCash is here to stay. This platform will not tolerate any unwanted behaviour from any participant. 

PEER CASH is not a hit and run scheme and that is why we have clearly stated that “Participants receives double of the amount they donate within 24hours and 14days.” If you refuse to provide help after pledging, you will be blocked permanently and your name will be published on all our social media pages‎


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